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The Popsugar challenge was responsible for my graphic binge I went on at the beginning of the year last year. I'm was going to attempt to branch out of my bubble and try some new things with this year's challenge. Then one of my GRs groups decided to play Historical Mystery Monopoly. I got sucked right back into my bubble.
markk 11 months ago
I look forward to reading your reviews!
Mary's Books 11 months ago
I have Maus on my to-read list. I have owned both Maus books (or the first 2 not sure what the quantity are) since college. Time to bring them into the light.
Mrs. Claus' Tea Shop 11 months ago
@Mary's Books - there are only two books in the Maus series. However, the author also has a volume about his time living in NYC during and after 9/11 that I want to read.