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Debbie's Spurts 2 weeks ago
I'm not allowing myself to read Kim Harrison any more. Pre-Facebook-with-huge-following meltdown campaigning to bury/delete disliked book review(ers) she was seriously a favorite; preordered every release in hardcover and even devoured the short works. (Posts were removed either by her or at publisher request -- a bunch of us made sure to send publisher the links -- not only from Facebook but also from Google cache. They are still around in screenshots and other caches.)
Midu Reads 2 weeks ago
I remember that fiasco! Even so, it is becoming scary for authors too. They have to watch every word they say (not that I am taking her side or anything) and it reminds me of 1984!
Debbie's Spurts 2 weeks ago
Yeah. Personal speech, consumer speech and commercial speech not always easy to navigate (but trying to suppress consumer speech ain't ever the way to go).

Part of what bugs me with the Harrison fiasco is how avoidable it was. She could have just mentioned Amazon reviews she really liked to her fans and achieved her purpose without campaigning to suppress the consumer speech she didn't .

She'd always been one of the authors very present and personable on the Internet that I enjoyed; an author that "got it right" and built huge fan base -- then it was like a switch was flipped. I know her newest series wasn't as well received as the ones she'd finished -- but the ones she finished had similar receptions of the first book.

To my knowledge, the posts were just removed and additional efforts taken to remove from caches/archives) without ever being addressed.
Midu Reads 1 week ago
Wonder what could have happened to make her admit to such a thing publicly!
Debbie's Spurts 1 week ago
Dunno. But, in the past she always came across as pretty open, approachable and quick to own up to things. Possibly publisher intervention insisted how it was to be handled.

I didn't mean to derail your review with this topic; seeing the name just sparked a memory. Not offended if you delete this thread.

Anthologies can be a bear to rate/review.
Midu Reads 1 week ago
Not at all. You mentioning this jogged my memory too :-)