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BrokenTune 3 months ago
Wow. That looks like an amazing September.
Midu Reads 3 months ago
Thank you. I finally felt like myself again lol
That's a very interesting month, and I'm curious about a couple of those I've not read already now :D
Midu Reads 3 months ago
Which ones catch your eye the most?
Equal Rites, because I just tried my first Pratchett (The color of magic) for the read-along and had a lot of fun.
Once Upon a Time Machine too, because THAT ART! And I'm a sucker for myth and fairy-tales re-imagined.

Also liked yet another confirmation that Ready Player One is not the book for me. Most of the rest I already read, and pretty much concur with your opinions, so it's even more likely I would not much care for it.
Midu Reads 3 months ago
I find Pratchett gets really funny if you don't binge read. Ugh I had so wanted to like Ready Player One!