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From Dark Places 3 years ago
Heart breaking, I feel for ya.
Sorry for your shelf :/
Jekyll is one lucky cactus to have survived this sort of mayhem. Re: The bookcase, it was probably karma. I do hope you'll be able to fit a large enough replacement bookcase into your room in addition to your great grandma's desk ... speaking of which, wow, what an amazing thing to be given!
My Book Life 3 years ago
I'm pretty excited about it! I use to play at it all the time and go through all the treasure that she kept in the drawers.
Wonderful -- so it'll come with all sorts of great memories as well!
My Book Life 3 years ago
My life really almost became a Meme, because if the shelf wouldn't have fallen straight sideways. It would have actually fallen on me while I was sleeping. However, I might have given my downstairs neighbor a heart attack.
Ouch. Gives a whole new meaning to the words "while you were sleeping ..."
My Book Life 3 years ago
Pretty much. My cats were not amused by all of it either. Took them a couple of days to go back to sleeping in my room again.
Carpe Librum 3 years ago
Oh my! Glad you are ok.
NerdyBirdie 3 years ago
Oh dear lord. Thankfully your stuff and you are okay!
My Book Life 3 years ago
Me too! I was really surprised I didn't have a few books with busted spines or bent hard covers. A junk of collection are second hand. So some are already a but busted.
Ahhh! This has happened to me. I had built in book cases at my last house. My hubby was doing plumbing work and thought he had to go through a wall, he gutted the back panel to my book case. He slept on the couch for two nights, then I came home from work and he had refinished the bookcase I had built in 10th grade shop class. It is the one I posted on here. He got to sleep in the bed that night. With the door locked. This morning I came home and found that he had put my wall shelves up and iinstalled a lock on the
My Book Life 3 years ago
Holy monkeys! I do in fact need that for my reading area! My bean bag chair has seen much better days.
Char's Horror Corner 3 years ago
Glad everyone is okay. One of my bookshelves bit the dust in our recent move. :(
Reflections 3 years ago
Looks like an earthquake aftermath! I'm glad no one and nothing got hurt.