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What the actual ...??

Yeah not sure where that came from ... nothing that provoked it here is the link to it so you can see or anyone I could have added it lol
Sheesh. * smh *

Btw, I sent you a friend request while I was there -- could have sworn we were GR friends already. Not that I'm actually still hanging out there, but you never know ...
I saw that thanks :) I thought we were too and was surprised when your name popped up for a request lol
You should block them on GR. I just blocked them for a just-in-case. I also added you!
I will do that , but want to see if that was a joke kind of thing or what but why would they even.... and thanks I go check :)
Familiar Diversions 3 months ago
I just blocked them as well, just in case.
BrokenTune 3 months ago
Joke or no joke is irrelevant. I'd block them. That's some lack of social skills that no one needs in their lives.
Good idea !!
Yeah I will , just gonna wait till tonight at least , not sure if it will show up what they said if I block them now since i shared the link here and it will look odd if nothing is there o.O
Familiar Diversions 3 months ago
People are creepy sometimes. :-/
Yes!!! that is for sure
I think there's something really wrong with them to just suddenly say that!
My thoughts exactly , but I always try t see the good or odd thinking maybe they really have a disorder or so , you know... but then sometimes people are just rude and weird and plain creepy
Yeah, I mean, it may not be something they can help, but I'd block just in case. Because scary and creepy.
MikeDI 3 months ago
His (her?) 2018 challenge was to read 4000 books. Has read 1. That says it all. I put that kind and the ones with 100K+ Friends or 100K+ to read books in the 'what the hell are you doing here bucket.'
yeah , that is true I checked too and the profile seems off with a lot of things ....
Chris' Fish Place 3 months ago
I had some people do something like a few months ago on one of my GR reviews, I just thought it was some stange glitch. Buthmmm.
yeah I think GR is getting worse when it comes to spammers too,
Obsidian Blue 3 months ago
Yuck! As others said blocking is good. I’ve reported people before for comments like that too.
I blocked t=them this morning and reported the comment so we shall see, but at least the blocked now