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Familiar Diversions 3 weeks ago
Yeah, it's that way for me too. I don't know if it's a bug or an "improvement."
Oh I hope it is not an "improvement", because that would suck and take the point for me of GR off
Bookish thoughts!!! 3 weeks ago
They are working on something at the moment, afterwards it should be back. I just read a comment on there. I was worried too
Awesome thank you . I looked but couldn't find anything .. so thanks , that is an relief lol
This is what it says about it in the Goodreads Feedback Group:

Due to some required maintenance, we’ll be briefly disabling a few Goodreads features from the evening of December 31 until the afternoon of January 1st (PST). Changes will include:

- Displaying ten books per page on my books.
- Displaying ten items per page for search.
- Progress updates not being visible on the homepage.
- The combine and separate functions will be unavailable.
- My Activity not being visible on the book page.

We appreciate your understanding while we complete this work, and apologize for any trouble caused by this temporary state of reduced functionality. We’ll post in this thread when things are back to normal!

I just went on there to see if it was fixed...and it still isn't.
Thanks for the info :)
Iron Canuck 3 weeks ago
It was fine yesterday. I just checked and it still is not fixed. If they are talking afternoon PST, we may not see any changes until 9pm on the east coast.
Yeah, I just checked too again before coming back on here and still not fixed . Hopefully it be back to normal in the morning sometime
meeplemaiden 3 weeks ago
It hasn't returned yet as far as I can see, but you can go in to the book page and edit it there.