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...Bookfanatic 2 weeks ago
I love diamond painting, it's so easy, relaxing and fun and great to work on while listening to audio books. Enjoy.
Yes, They are all of it :) I finished it yesterday and got half way done, no more than half way done with Godsgrave :D
...Bookfanatic 1 week ago
I've done about 6 of them in different sizes and now I just have to decide what i want to do with them before I accumulate any more.

I just finished one that was a partial drill and I definitely won't be doing any more of them. I didn't realize when I bought it that it wasn't a full drill but I liked the picture so I figured what the heck it was less than $10 so no biggie in terms of cost but I actually ended up with about a dozen of the little beads that I have to use glue to attach them because they didn't cover all of the required area with the sticky a little frustrating and in general I just don't like the finished look of the partial drill pictures.
OH wow , yeah I would have been a little ticked too . I also noticed some are better quality than others . I found a website that has them and ll kinds of other crafts I like that they have spill insurance within the price. But they are on the more expensive site but have huge selection and the quality so far been great. BUt it also tales like 4-6 weeks to get them for I suppose China .
...Bookfanatic 1 week ago
Oh would you mind sharing the link for that website so I can check it out. I've been getting them from and so far the full drill ones I've ordered have been good and they have a huge selection but a lot of them aren't ones that I really care for. I like the one that you've shown in your post here. I've added the links for some that I've done. I would have just posted a small picture but apparently we can't do that in the comments...
...Bookfanatic 1 week ago
Ok apparently you may not be able to use those links I just tried to check them out and my computer won't let me...sorry.
I opened the Amazon ones :)
Yes , of course... a tip too, if you find something there check amazon for it with a search the elephant was like that , you can find them cheaper there sometimes .
I guess you can get customized ones but honestly I haven't trued it I don't know how it would come out and Im worried I drop a lot of ,money and it will look shitty.
Here is the amazon link for the elephant one

Here is the one I'm working on now, but the quality is not good but not great compared to the elephant

Here is another I did that was okay also from amazon

And here is the site, they have a large selection
...Bookfanatic 1 week ago
Thanks. Also I got my links to work apparently BL has a pop-up blocker embedded in the site and you just have to over ride it. I'm going to go have a peek at the links you've added now.
I hope you find something :) I like yy cab select your size and sometimes if you want square or round diamond. My next one I buy will hopefully be this one. I heard many great reviews about it
...Bookfanatic 1 week ago
Pretty owl, it'll be nice with that little bit of sparkle that the diamond painting adds.
Yeah, I just hope yo have some extra cash before its out of stock again , I tried to get it of amazon once and it was out of stock fast
...Bookfanatic 4 days ago
Thanks, but unfortunately we're too late I live in Canada and won't ship to me so I have to use and it looks like a lot of the nicer diamond painting kits aren't available here right now even some of the ones that I've recently purchased. I'll just keep an eye on it. I've got a bunch of quilting stuff to work on in the meantime.
Oh bummer. maybe you find a couple on that site :;) Might take a bit too tho :P