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Lillelara 11 months ago
Oh god, the inner goddess. I totally forgot about her. I will get out the pitchfork while you are getting the tar and the feathers. She really has to die...
BrokenTune 11 months ago
Can I lend a hand?
Lillelara 10 months ago
Certainly. You can handle the cleaver (*sigh* apparently I have watched to many mideaval movies).
Debbie's Spurts 10 months ago
Ah … now I remember when this first came out. So much of my book and social media feeds were blasting that "inner goddess."
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
I remember being overseas at the time and perplexed.
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
I hate the inner goddess.
Rane Aria 10 months ago
Oh God, there's one thing worse then this: the movie !
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
Never watched.
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
Should add never will.
Rane Aria 10 months ago
don't waste your dollar at the redbox for it, it's even worse the book. Plus, the choppy dialogue in the book makes it to the movie -.-
I can say, from having seen the previews (unintentionally hilarious), that the actors have *zero* chemistry with each other.

It won 5 out of 6 Razzies nominations (including Worst Picture).

But it was successful(!) and they released a sequel earlier this year. Which also made money.

The third film is due next year.
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
Glad the final movie is about done. Think they are disappointed cause it's not the hit that James wanted it to be. Good riddance.
The actors both said in interviews afterwards that they pretty much hated each other's guts. Money must have weighed in VERY heavily if they agreed to go back for more nevertheless ...

Still can't believe they got Jennifer Ehle to co-star as well.
BrokenTune 10 months ago
Jennifer Ehle is in this???????????
I think my world just crashed in on itself.... :(
Yep. She's Ana's mother -- and I think the casting is a deliberate take on her Lizzy in the Colin Firth P&P. I can't help wondering whether she did it because Colin Firth agreed to be in "Bridget Jones' Diary" ... or whether it was just the money. But, yeah. Whatever the reason ... she's in it. Hardly bears thinking about, does it?
Obsidian Blue 10 months ago
@Themis they look awful together.
They do!!