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Portable Magic 4 years ago
I really do prefer my sci-fi light on the sci. I'll have to check this author out.
She has a very good following. Her mother is a scientist although she says she in not an expert. Good luck!
Portable Magic 4 years ago
I found this one in my library, so I put it on my wish-list. If it connects with me, I'll give one of her series a try. Thanks!
See how it goes. She writes well, but I'm not a big sci-fi fun, so can't comment on how she compares with big favourites.
Elentarri's Book Blog 4 years ago
Thanks for the review. I found her first book a bit bland, though it had interesting concepts. I will have to try this one out.
It is short and cheap (at least when I bought it), so it might be worth having a go. See what you think. ;)