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I hate to ask, because I know I'm gonna regret it, but why is this author a BBA?
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
His comments are all gone now, along with his GR suthor status but he went BBAllistic over a mild 1 star review. I mean over the top, crushing his dreams, what kind of people are you, snowflake diva, writer of the purple prose ballistic.

I could see him resorting to smelling salts to get through typing some of his longer posts. He doesn't like 1 star reviews or even 2 star reviews.

Then there is his book... I'm blogging about his book.

Well, then... I'll just skip over this book, then?
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
Unless you want your brain to explode, that would be best.
Fair enough! I sampled, it doesn't seem to be on the same level of the Three Besg Freinds, though!
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
No, B&P is just over the top and purple, Friends is just trash.
Ah, I'm catching up on Ammy and see where this is coming from.
Rabbit Reads 3 years ago
Thanks for answering for me. I should have linked to her review in my post. I think I might just do that.
Spare Ammo 3 years ago
All of Dylan's wailing and gnashing are gone.
Screen capped on page eight by Karlyn, though!