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This made me laugh, although not for the reason you'd suspect.

Thank you!
a TeMPLe of WoRDS 5 years ago're welcome?!?!
It made me laugh too... probably from my own perception that the last image looked like a pirate ship until I enlarged the photo. lol

Very beautiful photos... I love clouds and sun rays. :)
I am shifting over to Primus-worship. He is Cybertron, so he's in the other direction. Which made me laugh.
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Ungh (what is you real name? if you don't mind me asking) - thank you, I like those sort of pics too. And when I went back and looked, I can so see the pirate ship thing.

Grimlock - I'd like to know more about Primus-worship - and that could be him standing up there, if you squint really hard :)
You can call me Lee (nickname)... Ungh is fine too, though, and probably less confusing to everyone. My blog name is a combination for my love of zombies and pirates... which was probably why I saw a pirate ship. ;)
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Well I'll stick with Ungh then. It just feels weird calling you that. Cool way to come up with the name for your blog - I like it!! :)
Well, you have to be invested in a fictional god enough to shift all your attention there. Which makes sense to me, but I'm... not a big believer in the Torah, or the bible. It reads like fiction to me, so a lot of my rationale goes that way.

Plus, god-planet=awesome. Plus, he took an active role in destroying Unicron by creating the Thirteen Primes, and I can't believe in a god who sits passively while evil tries to destroy everything. So, I started shifting my beliefs that way because it's just more buyable to me. Plus, robot god.
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Interesting. Something to think about. Thanks for sharing your beliefs with me here. :)
I need to believe in something, and I just don't believe in anything that's... Hey, look, Jedi religion:
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I love how you're all "SQUIRREL" about that haha. Now you're talking. I have to go check that out :)
I'm kinda embarrassed. If I believed in a god, so much about this one just... fits. And I kinda do sorta believe, but also fictional, and I get so much shit about that -_-

Oh, well.

I'm gonna finish up my X-Men Character Reading list and post that!
Beautiful pictures, thank you for sharing! The last one made me smile.
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Me too!! That was taken while driving from Houston to San Antonio. Ris just all of a sudden asked me that question and I'm all "what?" until she pointed it out to me. I had never seen anything like that before. Crazy.
Crazy and beautiful! :)

(With the eyes -- and hearts -- of children ...)
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They say that kids can see things adult can see. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
Kids certainly live in a less "down-to-earth" world than us adults!
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When my nieces were 2 (they are twins - Ris is the oldest, by 30 seconds, and Idgie is the youngest), they used to sit near the wall at the opening of the front hall into the living room playing with My Little Ponies. They always had three. I would watch them from the living room or from the kitchen, observing their interactions and the way they played with them. One day I decided to sit down and play with them, but they told me to go get my own pony because that one was Grandpa Jimmy's. Grandpa Jim is my dad - and he died when I was in high school - LONG before the girls were ever created.

This was a couple of months after I was in my room going through a box trying to find something. The box was full of pictures and memory stuff of mine. I had pictures laying on the floor and Ris came in, sat down next to me, and started looking at the pictures. She picked up one and said, "That's Grandpa Jimmy." I was a little shocked that she knew. Later I asked my sister and mom if they had showed pics of dad to the girls (none of us had pictures out because him being gone is still, to this day, a very hard thing for us). Neither one of them had.

Wow. That's a pretty amazing story -- especially at that age. Could it simply have been that they didn't know who he was but concluded that it *must* be your dad (because, who else would they know of, and who else could it possibly have been?) ... or is that too "adult" an explanation already? Have you ever asked your nieces how they knew?

In any event, he must mean a lot to them, if they even include him in their games ...
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It was a set of old pictures with lots of different guys. I had two of my uncles in the stack as well. And it was him and a friend of his from when I was a baby - no one else in the picture. Plus she knew and then they knew his name - Jimmy, which is what my mom called him. It was a little too much for a 2 year old to know. Especially later when they were playing ponies with him. They do say that children can see those spirits, but as adults we stop believing.

I've never asked them. At the time I asked how she knew and she said "cause he plays ponies with us" and neither one of my nieces were the kind that lied. In fact, they were REALLY honest, even if they knew they would get into trouble - I had always told them they would get into more trouble for lying then they ever would for whatever it was they broke or spilled or anything else little kids do.

They even wanted to celebrate his birthday - make cake and have a party. That was when they were 5, but that also could have been because they knew his birthday made my sister, my mom and I sad.
Perhaps -- or perhaps to them he really *is* alive. (I mean, he plays ponies with them, after all ...) And anyone who's alive and whom you like, you want to give them a birthday party, right?

In any event, it shows how important your dad still is to all of your family, and I'm sure they can't have failed to pick up on *that*, even at a very young age.

They have such unusual names, too (or nicknames?) -- where do those come from?
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True. Very true.

Those are my nicknames for them. The oldest is Maris (Ris) and the youngest is Bridgette (Idgie). Idgie is a character from one of our favorite movies (Fried Green Tomatoes) and Bridgette is definitely an Idgie haha. Maris was sort of disappointed because she didn't get a nickname - it wasn't cause I was mean or anything, but her name is just short. I would joke around and call her Maryse (like she's French) and call Bridgette Brijete (also like she's French) and then one day I was like "Hey, Ris, come here" and it stuck. :)

They are also the THINGS, which is how I usually discuss them together (you know, Thing 1 and Thing 2) :)
Oh yes, "Fried Green Tomatos" -- I had forgotten the MC is called Idgie. (I suppose you'll have a bunch of things to look forward to as she grows up ... ;) )

Their full names are beautiful, too. I've never met anyone called Maris!
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Neither had we, though not to long ago I did an r2r on a book and the author's name was Maris. I don't know where my sister got it from, but she's very adamant that it was NOT from Cheers.