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BrokenTune 2 years ago
Happy blogiversary!
Thanks!! :-)
Portable Mistletoe 2 years ago
I've never come across this one, either. I'll check it out - I'm always working on my children's TBR for gifts to build up my little niece and nephew's love of reading.
I always saw it on other people's feeds and kept saying "I'll get to it eventually." It was a lot of fun! :-)
Happy anniversary!
Thank you! XD
Happy anniversary!

I read this one growing up. I liked it, but not, I think, as much as you did. (I can get sick of puns.)
lol I think the love of puns was passed down to me from my mother. She's a BIG fan of word play (and it can be a bit much).

Also, thanks! :-)
JL's Bibliomania 2 years ago
Happy Blogiversary.

I loooved The Phantom Tollbooth and read it multiple times when I was a tween/teen.
I'm still shocked it took me so long to finally get around to it...even though this is the case with multiple books languishing on my shelves right now. :-/

And thanks!