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Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
And leeches are in use again ... go figure.

I think in the future our fad diets (particularly all those drop-an-entire-food-group, eat-only-one-food-group and can-fool-you-up-to-10-days-cause-flushing-water ones) and things tried to cure or control cancer will likely be most mocked more so than common medical practices. Of course HMO and all kind of health insurance stuff will have them shaking their heads in disbelief.
I don't want leeches anywhere near me! Lol
Murder by Death 2 years ago
This has been on my list to get - I'm looking forward to it. :)
Hope you enjoy it!
"So it goes." 2 years ago
I've been succeeding in not adding it to my TBR. Until now. I have no idea when I'll get to it, but it's definitely getting a read from me.
I don't think you'll regret it. :-)
Mystereity 2 years ago
Loved this book! I loved the layout (it's like my favorite magazine, Mental Floss) and the trivia was right up my alley
Apt comparison!