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Rush Limbaugh's Rush Revere series. Despite the things about him as a person, the books are good.
I will just do a quick blog post about them.
Thanks Jessica. I really appreciate it.
We have the Magic Tree House books, but those are usually read by the second graders. Those Indiana Jones books sound cool. I might like them actually. Thanks for the suggestions!
Reviews in Chalk 4 years ago
My 10 years old son is VERY reluctant to read. Some series that worked great for him were Charlie Bumpers and EMU Club. (not historical fiction, though, but I consider them really good)
Portable Magic 4 years ago
I can't help, I don't even know any grade-schoolers. But I wish someone was putting this kind of thought into my nieces' and nephews' school libraries about 15 years ago. Only one of them ended up being an adult reader. The rest are all about sports and video games and reality TV. I was horrified when one of them proudly told me at his high school graduation that he's never read a single book that wasn't required for a class assignment. :(
Oh my! That's just awful. The fact that he was proud is almost worse than the fact that he never read a single book not required. :(
Brenna M's Book Blog 4 years ago
Polly Shulman series The Grimm Legacy, the Wells Bequest, and the Poe Estate. I believe they were originally printed for distribution for schools originally but I have seen them on Amazon for the reprints of the books.
Thanks so much!!