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Thanks. I plan to read more by this author.
Yes, Shelley was brilliant, pathological & sadistic, but brilliant.
Love that quote!
Hooked on Books 5 years ago
Nice review! Sounds like a good story- put it on my TBR!
Thanks. Hope you like it!!
Hooked on Books 5 years ago
The Deep sounds really good too! I like stories set under water so I definitely have to read it soon.
The Deep is the one I'm considering reading next. :)
Hooked on Books 5 years ago
I checked to see if my library had it but they don't unfortunately so I just did an inter-library loan which usually takes at least a week or two to get but I will have it soon. : ) I'm anxious to read that one.
I can't wait to see what you think. It is on my tbr, but now I have Winter (800 + pages) & Bazaar of Bad Dreams (just under 500 pages) to get through first. So, it may be a while.
Hooked on Books 5 years ago
Ok I'll let you know hopefully I'll get it soon. I put a hold on Troop too but I suspended it until I finish some of my other books first. I see a lot of people like Winter. I haven't read that series yet but may have to look into it since it's so popular. .