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I haven't had anyone else take it, but I've always been a Hufflepuff through and through--this quiz just confirmed it again, hahah. If I'm to take Pottermore at its word, most of my friends are Ravenclaw/Hufflepuff as well. Ravenclaw/Slytherin is an interesting combo!
Howdy YAL! 5 years ago
Slytherin like always for me though there was a bit more mix of Hufflepuff than Ravenclaw this time around which is very unusual for me since Hufflepuff is usually dead last for me.
Reading Wolf 5 years ago
Gryffindor is always last for me. I'm not a brave person.
Reading Wolf 5 years ago
Yea Ravenclaw/Slytherin seems to be a nice balancing system. Most of my family/friends haven't taken this quiz or the Pottermore quiz so I don't really know where they would fall. I did have my 8 year old cousin take the quiz and I think she was a Hufflepuff. It suits her because she's loyal and will work for hours coloring a picture just right. Congrats on your result!