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Oh liked Heart of Darkness. This for me is a book that illustrates the silliness of Goodreads' new policy. I find it very difficult to separate the book from the man.
I honestly don't know much about Conrad's personal life, but I wrote a paper about Chinua Achebe and Conrad in school. I can definitely see why Achebe would say that HoD could be seen as racist, but I felt like most of the negative symbolism in the book cast the bad light on the European characters of the book. I felt like the heart of darkness that he was talking about belonged to those who exploited the heart of Africa with their imperialistic ideals. I know this one is one of those divisive books, and can def see why you'd feel that way, though. I agree, this is one where you should be able to say why you wouldn't read it due to the author, if that's how you felt.