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Sorry it didn't work for you. It happens though. We can't agree 100% of the time. :p
I know, it surprises the heck out of me on the rare times that this happens. This one could be because I've been in a particularity bitchy mood this week. I haven't been able to get into any of the books I've tried to read after The Book Thief.
Timing can be everything. It was the right timing for me because I needed something sweet with characters who weren't complete idiots and this fit the bill. Most of the YA/NA contemps I've read have been full of people who I couldn't stand, so I loved that this was as simple as it was. But I actually had another friend who wasn't a fan either, so maybe I wasn't looking for flaws.
Anyway, I'm headed off to make lunch for the kid and then I'm going to try to write.