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Thank you! It made me sick not only to read that post, but the positive responses she was getting!
My Reading Nook 4 years ago
That's what mad me angry...people who think Hale's behavior is justified.
Yeah, same here. I grew angry at the justifications people were making about this.
Moonlight Madness 4 years ago
Is it not fascinating - in a super depressing way - to learn that book bloggers are apparently among the most reviled people on the internet. Who would have thought it?
I'm not understanding how people think book bloggers have all this power to rule and ruin author's careers. Nor do I understand how they're reviled. Last time I checked, the only thing many of us want to do is read. Read and reflect for people to take for what the opinions offer.

I feel like I should write more to vent about all the contradictions in calls for reader/reviewer/blogger roles, but I honestly don't know where to begin.
Moonlight Madness 4 years ago
Me, too.

I feel like I just want to curl into a ball and weep. Which I know sounds melodramatic, but I love blogging, I love reading, & I love talking about books. I don't understand what about that makes me a person who deserves to be kicked around like a soccer ball, mocked and insulted.
Howdy YAL! 4 years ago
Honestly, this whole thing is disturbing on so many levels. I really hate the victim bashing mentality that a lot of posters on that article have taken. The way I viewed the piece was that Hale tried her best to demonize Blythe to justify her actions. The thing is not matter how she spins it, it is NOT healthy or right in any way.
This is from a girl who dumped shit on another girl, was jealous that she got her hair dyed from the peroxide and believed she did it herself to victimize herself further after Hale attacked her, then cried when the police came to her home after AIMing her, and crying as if she were the victim.

She has a habit of victimizing herself and demonizing others from what I've seen of her.