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aww a zombie lover like me!!! shame about the book.
recommend any zombie books?? maybe i'll find some good ones i havent read yet!
I loved Jonathan Maberry's YA series "Rot and Ruin". Mira Grant's " Newsflesh" series has an interesting blend of zombie story meets bloggers saving the world. And Courtney Summers' "This is Not A Test" was one of my favorites for YA as well. Apparently the latter's getting a second book, which had me saying "ZOMG, I need this NOW." Those are a few off the top of my head.
I'm yet to read Rot and Ruin but its high in my list! i'll push it forward. I read the First Mira Grant book and thought it was depressing as, which yea its a zombie book.... but still, so i never got around to the second one. lol. and i'll have to give the third book you mentioned a go.

have you tried 'As The World Dies' by Rhiannon Frater, or 'Razorland' by Ann Aguirre? i read that a few years ago when it first came out and rather enjoyed it. Recently read 'White Horse' by Alex Adams and love it. 'Dead Reckoning' by Mercedes Lackey was a really good but odd mix of wild west cross zombies, i adored the main character from that book, she was quick and intelligent.
and for YA books/series i've read and enjoyed where 'The Gathering Storm' by Robin Bridges and 'Darkest Powers' by Kelley Armstrong.
thats pretty much every decent zombie book I've ever read. lol. I definitely need to find some more!