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Yikes! This sounds horrible!
It really was, Grim. I really want to scrub the memory of this horrible book from my brain. I was tempted to DNF it many times, but I wanted to see where it went (unfortunately didn't really do much for the way it ended). Now I'm off to find some better books to read.
Definitely. You deserve better books.
As the page turns.. 6 years ago
oh i got this too and I was looking forward to reading it! I might check it out even though your review made some excellent points....sorry this sucked balls =P (forgive my language - it was the first thought I had after reading the review)
i hope the next book is a five star read!
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
I'm not interested in reading this, with a small pin stuck in it ('cause I have enjoyed other books by author and even managed K.'s first The Selection books) to popcorn watch for reviews of rest of series to see if Meade has really lost it.
Books Over TV 6 years ago
NOOOOO! I really wanted to read this.
Well, I can take this off my TBR monster list. I have not interest after reading your excellent and thorough review.
Lindsay's Book Log 6 years ago
Oh boy, this sounds like a hot mess. I'm glad you posted this because I had been thinking about picking up another Mead book because I remember liking Vampire Academy but now don't remember anything about it, and after reading this I'm sure I don't want anything to do with this.
If you liked Vampire Academy, you might like the spinoff series "Bloodlines" - it's a much better representation of her work than this was, plus it follows Sydney, who was a supporting character in the VA series.

I wish I could say I knew what happened with Mead's writing for the start to this series, but it doesn't bode well for it.