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Sock Poppet at Play 6 years ago
I think Annette Funicello was one of the sweetest, classiest stars ever. She had so much integrity and inner strength. The way she viewed life and her illness just awed me. I'm really sorry to see a book about her not be amazing, because she was.

And that cover picture? No matter how I look at it, I can't see Annette in it. How weird.
Degrees of Affection 6 years ago
How sad. I need to read her autobiography; I've always liked her singing and I remember her from the Mickey Mouse club reruns. I was so amazed at her courage to come forward and discuss her battle with MS, it's a terribly disease and no one should suffer through it. To use that section to comment on her outward beauty at the time is...despicable.
I wouldn't trust any of Marc Shapiro's biographies, to be honest. He wrote one on E.L James last year as well. Not only did he get her fanfic name wrong, but he also pretty much kissed her butt for praises most of the narrative. It was grating to say the least, and it didn't read like a proper biography. I suppose I should note that the both of them were "unauthorized" biographies, so take of that what you will.

I always admired Annette Funicello as well. I respected her so much in her fight against M.S. Granted I can't say I followed her career from the beginning, but my family member did, and definitely had much to say in terms of watching her grow up from the Mickey Mouse club to the beach party movies she made and albums she recorded.
Degrees of Affection 6 years ago
I tend to stay away from 'unauthorized' biographies anyway, though there are exceptions to the rule. I know her through bits and pieces really. I only heard Pineapple Princess this last year and watched only a few of Mickey Mouse club episodes. Yet I think it only takes seeing her once to understand why people responded so favorably to her and remember her so well even today. She is very memorable and yes, from what I know, admirable.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 6 years ago
I am smiling at the very thought of the song Pineapple Princess, which I don't think I heard until the 80s. While some still eyeroll over Funicello's beach movies, I think they're a fun genre, very much of the times, and all I've ever read of her personally is that she was very professional and easy to work with. Which in Hollywood - with its history of divas all over the place - is high praise.

Reviews like this are really helpful - because you've read Funicello's autobio you had the key info that would make me pass on reading this and go to her book instead.
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