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STGRB stands for Stop the Goodreads Bullies, a website that's targeted users and reviewers from Goodreads for over a year now, posting reviewers personal information such as their names, addresses, frequent hangout spots in real life, information about their families, etc. for the purposes of intimidation. They also make commentary along the lines of misogynistic, racist, ableist, and offensive personal statements about the reviewers, for only the measure of writing critical reviews, associating with people whom they label as "bullies" (STGRB presents a skewed definition of bullying), or for choosing not to read authors who negatively engage with or harass their readers. STGRB attempts to hide their motivations under an anti-bullying/cyberbullying campaign, but really, it's more of personal, petty vendettas as crafted by the people who are a part of that website. You can find more information about the *actual* motivations surrounding the website here: Hope that answers your question, though it's quite a bit to swallow, and probably more complex than I can get into in this one comment. Many people who migrated over from Goodreads to the BookLikes community were and still are targets of STGRB's attacks.