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Hall of Records 7 years ago
Ah, this is actually one of the few YA/NA series I was looking forward to continuing. I put myself on a more rigid book-buying budget and I've been good for a couple of months. Totally blew it with the start of the month and ordered Untold (and like 20 other books). Luckily (or not), I'll have to wait for another few weeks until it will be delivered. That way I won't feel like I have been overindulging in this little compulsion of mine. In a glass-half-full approach, I see this as one of the perks of not having bookstore (or library) nearby, where I can get these books from. Well, actually, I can't follow my own logic there...still, I'm trying to find a bright side.

Damnit, fell for the return key again….

Anyways, I read some mixed reviews and will be very curious to see what you think. As longs as it got Kami, Angela, and Rusty, and they haven’t completely changed their personality, it’s got to be fun.