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That is a permanent state right now for me :P I dont think I can ever catch up :(
Stewartry 7 years ago
Me: "I have too many galleys, I'll never catch up. Oh, look, NG sent me an email, and that sounds interesting. Oh, well, now I'm on the site let me look around a little ...." Yeah.
My Reading Nook 7 years ago
Oh, it's not just me?! I joined NG ~2 weeks ago. I was just poking around requesting my little heart out and getting no approvals back for over a week. So what did I do??? I kept requesting books. One approval came in and I read the book right away. Now I have 16 approvals and I can't read any of the books I bought recently. Woe is careful what you wish for lol.
Atunah's Romance Haus 7 years ago
I am really new to NetGalley and have a total of 4 books approved with 2 already send feedback. But I am not totally clear about when I am suppose to send the review through the feedback and post it and how much past the publishing date I can be before they cut me off:).
I am a bit behind on the 3rd one right now and it came out the end of September, is that too late already? None of that is stated anywhere on the book page that I can see.
I intend to review every one I request, which is why I only requested four. But life goes different sometimes :)
My Reading Nook 7 years ago
I wasn't clear on this either. Check the book's publisher info as to when it is OK to post your review publicly. If the book isn't published yet, some of mine say wait to post a public review until within 14 days of the pub date. If it's a book that's published already, I don't think it matters. I could be wrong but I haven't seen any guidelines on publishing public reviews on already published books.
As long as a review isn't posted before the guidelines given for a book's release date, I think most publishers would be fine with you posting a review on or after the book's publishing date. A review is said to have the most impact within two weeks to a month of its publishing date, whether before or after the date. Different publishers have different guidelines as to how long you can post a review before the publishing date, but after the publishing date is more relaxed. As long as you're getting the word out about the book, they care about that more.

Even if you get major behind with some of your galleys (*raises hand in guilt*), they really do appreciate any feedback you can give about a book via NetGalley. They use it for marketing purposes and may even include citations in second prints, paperback versions, or even just gauges for feedback about a work.
I've been approved for several books just recently that came out in February and April of this year, so I think it should be fine if you get a little behind. I've never paid attention to whether they have guidelines about when to post a review, though...oops! I always just post when I finish reading because I can't stand having a book on my "read" shelves with no review attached, hahah.
Atunah's Romance Haus 7 years ago
Thanks for all that info, it helps a lot. I am about 3-4 weeks behind on that book. I mean its been published for 3-4 weeks and I got it about a month before it was out. I had realized it was the 3rd in a series and I had to read the 2nd first. I am really OCD with reading stuff in order, I get hives if I don't lol. I will review and send feedback on every one I get, that is why I don't go overboard and get stuff I really want to read.
Lost In A Book 7 years ago
When I first joined NG, I did that. I got behind, forgot to download the books and then *poof* they got archived.