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Oh no, she didn't!!!!!! Seriously???? Is she stupid or something?
narfna 7 years ago
Yeah, publishing her mystery novel as fanfic sounds like an excellent use of Ms. Rowling's time. I can't wait to read your review of this.
OstensiblyA 7 years ago
What in the hell? Not everyone who writes fic is in it for the hand-holding. Many do it for the fun and to hone skills. JKR is a real author who doesn't need to use people or someone else's IP to write her books. And you don't get real feedback in fandom. Whoever wrote that clearly hasn't been in one. That's why so many of these P2Pers think their terrible fics are publishable. They got a lot of smoke blown up their skirts in fandom. JKR got the real, honest, unbiased responses to her the work the way she did it. There are people out there with the ethics and integrity to do things right.
Jamison wrote this piece too, it as in one of the introductions of the sections she presented. The whole section of that text still made me say FML. I wish I could quote the whole thing.
OstensiblyA 7 years ago
Oh, well, that makes sense then because she was never actually in fandom. So she really doesn't know what she's talking about. And what a flimsy, insipid argument to support her ridiculous position.