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Linda Hilton 7 years ago
Damn, I loved "Twin Peaks." :-(
Bacon Ninja 6 years ago
Terrific review - Thank you for taking the time to break down all of the points down so clearly. Pretty appalled by the blase' eliding here - "Jamison undercuts the plagiarism by saying "Isn't all fanfic copyright infringement anyway?" The author is an associate English professor? Really? Plagiarism IS NOT the same thing as copyright infringement, and I *really* don't think the author is doing her cause any favors by hand-waving at the charge like a teenage fanpoodle. Anti-plagiarism was a strongly held custom in my corners of fandom, as was cashing in on fandom's good will for personal gain. (My online media fandom days started out on Prodigy too - but I was over on Usenet at with the NoRoMo vs Shippers flamewars - Good times!) Did the author interview anyone connected with the OTW? That seems like an obvious go-to subject for a work on the topic. The author Cassandra Claire plagiarized was Pamela Dean, BTW. I think that incident is the first I recall where a fandom majority came down in favor of the plagiarist. 4
Degrees of Affection 6 years ago
Great review! ...but I'm left with two minds about reading this book or not. I've been waiting for someone to do an academic look at the fandom/fanfic phenomenon but this seems to be what I feared would be created. Rather then an unbiased look at both sides of the argument - which would have been extremely handy not to mention interesting - I feared the author/editor would try to push their positive/negative viewpoint. I might still read this but my blood pressure will not thank me. ;P