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silverneurotic 7 years ago
I'll have to pick this up for my brother.
Maybe this gives insight in to why all men run screaming from her.
It talks about the inspiration behind each of her songs, but doesn't necessarily go too much into her relationships. Just a text on how her career started and going through her discography and successes.

It's not nearly as dynamic of a text as I was hoping, but it's okay.
I respect her as an artist, but I've never been a big fan. I don't know. I don't listen to a lot of pop music anymore. I was hoping to learn about her more than her songs in a book like this.
It has a bit of her respective rise to fame, but it's more impersonal than I was expecting. This would be a good resource for research, but not so much for an immersive biography.
silverneurotic 7 years ago
My brother loves her. Like seriously loves her. I don't get it.
Lady Danielle 7 years ago
Hey... i adore Taylor Swift. Got me through high school. I can't help but respect her for that.