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Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
I've seen that woman on sooo many steampunk and sci-fi covers lately, so maybe it's a good thing this wouldn't work for the novel as a whole. Although at least I haven't seen this particular piece of stock art as much as much as a couple of the others featuring her.
Yeah, I recognized a few of the other photos she's been in, but not that particular set.

The current WIP I'm working on is difficult to find stock images for the cover. The old one I had no longer fit since it didn't really ring vibes of cyberpunk or sci-fi. I could design a cover easy if I could just find the right tone to capture the novel's portrayal. But I'm diligently searching (and hoping I find something unique).
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
Good luck! That particular model does look amazing. I recognized her mostly because I almost bought a couple books because she looked so good on them. And then I started spotting her other places and, still good looking, but it became easier for me not to be drawn in by the venus flytrap of "pretty cover."
I keep getting so much more interested.

You keep teasing me! *wants Rose-stories*
Dude, you have no idea. I saw this picture and I thought "That's her, that's my character!" Even down to the way her hair's styled here. The character she represents is pretty boss, and I'm hoping people love her as much as I did writing her.

*goes back to writing*
Is this the one I'm looking forward to in particular, or another one?

*waits patiently for Rose to stop writing before she comes back and answers*
*pokes head back in momentarily* Yep, same story. =)