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Derrolyn Anderson 6 years ago
I agree that men get a bad rap, but with Woody Allen there's just SO MUCH smoke there must be a fire. I mean, have you seen "Manhattan"?
Personally speaking (and I have complicated emotions on this), I also don't believe in automatic assumptions. I've seen people (friends and friends of friends outside of my own social circles) whose lives were ruined in cases like this on opposite angles (if you can call it that). There was one female friend whose abuser got off scott free because there wasn't enough evidence in her case since it occurred such a long time ago - she came forward only with the urging of a friend she confided to and it'd haunted her for years - ruined her quality of life. She was beyond devastated and the backlash she got after the case finished was goodness awful. Likewise, I heard/met a male friend of a friend whose reputation was ruined by a woman who accused him of rape, when the encounter never happened. He was later acquitted of all charges, but the stigma followed him and still follows him to some point this day (though I've lost track of where he is now, I think he moved out to the western U.S. to a different job versus staying on the east coast). I don't know if anyone figured out why she lied about it, but it was by her own admission later that she lied and testimonies from other people who pointed out the contradictions in the event. But for the way it affected him - he held himself together well in the aftermath, but I don't think he was ever the same.

I will say for my viewpoint in this, I'm against the automatic villainizing that go on with cases of allegations of abuse, rape, sexual assault, etc. period. In the case of an accuser's testimony, it's already hard enough for many victims to come forward - why automatically assume they're lying, and launch attacks against their person that belittles them for gender, for motive (i.e. jealousy), for any reason? So many measures in the matter of rape culture and unrelenting acceptance of it have me up the wall and angry at the backlash that people get when they come forward. (And many arguments in the narrative Jody Raphael penned in "Rape Is Rape" are in line with my thoughts about it.) With the case of someone who's accused of rape, when not even a smidge of evidence has been given to let the case be heard in a court of law (testimony, witnesses, physical evidence etc.), why jump to the automatic conclusion that the accused - he OR she - is guilty? (And I should note I ask these questions hypothetically and in general, not specific to any individual case.)

To point out something else important to consider - just because a case is dropped or not enough evidence is found in a case at the time of investigation doesn't mean an accused party is innocent. And just because a victim may go quiet for a time after a case has been closed doesn't mean that the victimization of that person didn't happen. It may be a case when not enough evidence was present to convince absolute guilt of the party accused of the crime.

I do believe Dylan Farrow was a victim of WA based on narratives I've read about the case details (just one of the sources speaking against WA case:

YMMV, but these are just some thoughts. I do appreciate you guys discussing it and offering your opinions, though.
The Book Lantern 6 years ago
Statistically speaking, a man is more likely to be raped himself than be on the receiving end of a false allegation. As Rose already posted with the Vanity Fair article, the facts do not lie in Allen's favour. The case did not go to trial because the judge thought it would be too traumatic for a child to go though. This is normal, plus we live in a society where very few rape/abuse cases even make it to trial because of the stigma. I can think of no other crime aside from rape/sexual avuse where when an accusation is made, people are inclined to say "Well, what if they're lying?" It's now the norm for cases of rape. Look at UK right now and the aftermath of Jimmy Saville.
Derrolyn Anderson 6 years ago
It's a tough and sensitive issue, for sure. I have no idea about the particulars in the matter, but I've always been a little freaked out by how WA fetishizes young girls (Just watched "Crimes And Misdemeanors", LOL).
Then again, art is art, and I've certainly never experienced some of the things I write about in my books. I may have IMAGINED committing murder, or becoming a mermaid, but never actually done it.

I want victims to be believed, but I do see situations where a little case of morning after remorse turns into accusations of date-rape. I know some will be horribly offended by that observation, but in a case with no PHYSICAL evidence, it's really just a he-said/she-said, and memory can be malleable, and a tricky thing to pin down - On both sides of ANYTHING.

Anyone have a sibling? Just ask them about a childhood event. It always blows my mind how differently my sister remembers some things and people. Now I'm getting the hell out of here. I smell internet danger...
The Book Lantern 6 years ago
"We end on a serious note. Because 1 in 33 men will be raped in his lifetime, men are 82,000x more likely to be raped than falsely accused of rape. It seems many of us would do well to pay more attention to how rape culture affects us all than be paranoid about false accusers.”

Sock Poppet at Play 6 years ago
Book Lantern said: "Statistically speaking, a man is more likely to be raped himself than be on the receiving end of a false allegation."

How accurate would those statistics be if a person falsely accused is pronounced guilty of rape in a court, but was actually innocent? If he's judged guilty, the false allegation against him wouldn't count, because he would be seen as guilty.

Princess Eva Rose 6 years ago
Hollywood has a LOOOONG track record of covering up abuse and revering sexual abusers. It is no secret how directors have abused their connections and clout to exploit women and girls under their authority. Woody Allen is disgusting, and even if he is innocent of the abuse allegations, which I do not believed for a second that he is as innocent as he claims to be, you still have to side eyed him for having married his partner's adopted daughter. There is something inherently unsavoury surrounding the Woody and Soon-Yi affair.