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Jordan 7 years ago
I'm not sure how I feel about this, on a personal level.

Anonymity is both a wonderful and terrible thing. It allows people to share honest opinions without the usual judgement that society confers, yet by that same token, a lot of people say things they wouldn't normally say BECAUSE they of that anonymity: it's both a shield and a sword in this instance.

Also, lately, it seems that it doesn't seem to ring true anymore -- for anyone. People on both sides of the line, author and reviewers, seem to be taking heat from every angle, and from each other. Sometimes justified, sometimes not, but almost every time it spirals horribly out of control.

I suppose there is also a flip side to this: if everyone is in fact forced to use real names, it should, in theory, reduce the amount of sock puppets and fake reviews.

But like you said, no system is perfect: those who would want to be 'anonymous' would still find a way to do that.

On a personal level, though, I do feel that safety should not be compromised, and anytime people get passionate, things CAN get heated. Words can be said that shouldn't be said, and threats can be made, and honestly -- no one wants to have their FAMILIES threatened because of a book review ( or in the case of authors, because of a book ).

Back in 2010, Blizzard [ Company that manages World of Warcraft, Starcraft 2, etc ] talked about doing this same thing -- forcing users to use their real names. They quickly decided not to after the serious backlash.

I highly doubt Amazon would ever make that kind of change, but I guess stranger things have happened.
This is actually a reblog - KarLynP posted this on her blog, but her thoughts somewhat mirror my own on the matter. I definitely understand your perspective on this as well.

I don't think Amazon would make that kind of change either, to be frank. Too many issues and legal hoops. And it would most certainly lose business with that kind of forced implementation.
Jordan 7 years ago
Oops, totally missed that. I'll repost over on that end!