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Jordan 7 years ago
The game(s) are a -lot- better. I stopped watching the movie after about ten minutes into it.
You did well to drop it then. I've heard good things about the games (and good to know they're better), but rarely have I picked up movies with game based origins that ended up being on par with the game(s) they were based on.
I once borrowed an anime that made it sound like it was going to be about angels and it ended up being about incest. I learned my lesson.
If you're talking about Angel Sanctuary - oh my word, that series was...complicated. Wait...there might have been two angel themed series I've seen/read that were about incest, but that one was the first that came to mind.
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
Ceres: Celestial Legend had incest too. Or at least attempted incest.
Yeah I think it was Angel Sanctuary but I couldn't watch the whole thing, I was pretty put off.
Princess Eva Rose 7 years ago
LMAO There is lots of incest and pedophilia in some mangas. XDDD Themes and subjects that fuck with your head are a hallmark of Japanese manga. Ever since Evangelion was shown on TV more psychological manga and anime had been the trend in Japan.
@Familiar I remember that plotline - I think that whole series was one emotional rollercoaster after another, though I enjoyed both the anime and manga. For some reason, that's not the other anime I was thinking of though - I can't remember the title to the other angel anime that had incest in it - I'll have to probably look that up at some point.
Familiar Diversions 7 years ago
OMG, so that means there's at least 3 series with angels and incest. LOL!
ROFL! It's a theme =P
Princess Eva Rose 7 years ago
It helps when you know the genre of the movie when it comes to animetion rarely do they deviate from some standard norms. I enjoy mangas the most because of the variety in art. Have you ever watched Gundam Seed?
That is true, though I'll admit there are some series I've read the manga for where the anime series had much better adaptation of the art style (case in point the release of Attack on Titan). And yeah, I've watched Gundam Seed (actually I've watched all of the Gundam series except for one of the earlier series).
Degrees of Affection 7 years ago
Dead Space is SO not my type of game, so I never watched that movie. I have the Mass Effect movie, done in the same style, but haven't watched it yet. Something else always gets watched instead.
Yeah, anime and manga can get into some interesting themes. I've learned to learn all I can without spoiling so I can make the best choices. I'm not a big fan of the psychological ones, though I'm surrounded by people who are. I tend to find ones that interest me plot-wise. I'm in them for the stories mostly, as manga/anime generally have very interesting, convoluted (in a good way), and crazy plots! Also great characters.
I haven't watched the Mass Effect movie yet, either, but I'm curious about it too - hopefully it turns out well. And agreed with your statements on anime - that's one of the reasons I'm so fascinated by many of the titles I pick up.