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That song is so twisted. I guess thats why I like it. What kind of book are you writing?

Here are some more villainy songs of sorts :)
Giant Jt vs Eartha Kitt - I Want To Be Evil (Spencer And Hill Remix)
Dev - Monster
Nightcore - Disturbia [Male 2!!!]
The book I'm writing a YA horror/mystery/suspense set in an amusement park. The main character is a high school junior who starts out working as a character mascot at said venue, ends up getting into more than he bargains for. That's all I can mention for theme so far, but I'm still working through it. =)

Thank you for the villainy song suggestions!
Well now that I hear your plot I am not sure they actually fits! But youre welcome :)

Working as a character mascot already sounds like a nightmarish experience to me so youre off to a good start in the scary dept. Also I find them creepy. OO
The Book Lantern 5 years ago
Surely for all your evil musical choices you've got to go with Disney? Poor Unfortunate Souls, Hellfire, Be Prepared, Friends on the Other side...
Yes, you can't go wrong with Disney for epic villain songs. Notably, "Friends on the Other Side" is on my playlist for its imagery. =)
Degrees of Affection 5 years ago
Oh, I like this song! I love Disney villan songs too...but actually haven't seen Friends on the other side as I've yet to see the movie. I keep meaning to watch it but never seem to be able to rent it, etc.