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Sorry to hear you had a rough few days! Hope it is nothing serious. I fly in and out myself, take time for yourself. Always important. :-)
Jordan 6 years ago
If you ever want to talk, manga/anime/games or writing habits/editing issues/etc or anything else, just let me know.

Hope you're okay and that everything turns out alright.
Hitting the like to show my support and well wishes. I hope things turn around for you and that all will be okay.
Khanh the Killjoy 6 years ago
I've been wondering where you were, Rose. I'm sorry things have been rough, hope it gets better, because we very selfishly want you around =)
Derrolyn Anderson 6 years ago
Best of luck... And take the stairs just in case. Hang in there!
Kate says 6 years ago
Keeping fingers crossed! Hope to see you back soon. Hugs!
Sorry to hear the day was bad, but I hope things get better for you!
Hope things starting to look for you and get better and that it is noting serious. Sending Goof thoughts your ways :)
Aww, Rose, sorry to hear about that. I hope things are looking up however or getting better slowly, or something of the sort. Hope to hear from you soon. Miss your delightful and thought provoking words. *hugs*
Degrees of Affection 6 years ago
The like is a wish that all will be well. Sorry to hear and hope everything is/will be okay.
Rose, if you are worn down, then it must be something big! You are always a pleasant voice of reason and support.