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*standing ovation*
I am a long time follower of Anne Rice on FB, love her books, but I have started questioning how in touch she is with the real world. I shook my head when I saw her associating with STGRB. Anne seems to take the view that the authors are always innocent victims, when in fact a large number are just drama-llamas. To quote Dr Phil "doesn't matter how flat you make a pancake, it still has two sides." :)
From what I've been reading, a fare number of her fans feel the same way about her association with the STGRB. Being anti-bully is one thing, and I support her on that point, but to support a site that so clearly abuses the tactics it claims to want stopped is a big #FAIL of logic.

Unfortunately, she is now deleting any content posted on her FB page that disagrees with her new cult friends, and banning her own fans. She has truly lost it.
I sit on my hands, I figured saying something would only get me pounced on. I thought she had lost it when she did a big post about how Amazon sets the price of books and its nothing to do with publishers!
Archer's Asylum 4 years ago

I love you
I think "gangster bully" was a term Anne Rice coined when her thread on Amazon turned into a train wreck. I should think Ms. Roquelaure would understand the occasional need for a pen name.
Dor Does Books 4 years ago
More and more this is becoming a conversation we shouldn't need to be having.

If it wasn't pseudonyms, it would be something else: you should only be allowed to review if you've purchased the book; if the system records you've read the whole thing; if you've uploaded your passport to prove your identity; if the subject of your review is allowed access to your personal information.

Any review at all either has a point or it doesn't, and it doesn't make a blind bit of difference what the name at the top is.

Here's an idea: maybe we should get together and have some kind of awareness day about what STGRB is. This is literally just occurring to me so I haven't actually thought it through - June 6th? And we could have a Prisoner theme: "We want ... information" all that jazz.

(The Prisoner is a cult British TV show from the late 60's which stared Patrick McGoohan as a spy who wakes up one day in a mysterious village where everybody has a number. He is number 6, and each episode involves the powers which be, number 2, trying to find out why he left MI5 while Number 6 repeatedly tries to find out who Number 1 is. We never find out what his name is - I can't remember if they're trying to find that out as well. If he tries to leave the village he is chased by a large inflatable ball. He usually finishes the episode by having an anaesthetic gas sprayed at him from a piece of furniture so he can begin again the following day. It's BRILLIANT and suitable because Wikipedia reminds me one of the major themes is individualism vs collectivism.)

I wanted to somehow quote Shakespeare's "A rose by any other name would smell as sweet", but I figured that was kind of implied by my post. =) I agree that a review should be able to stand on its own measures regardless of the name chosen before it, and people should have the right to choose that name no matter their background. I really wish that people like Rice would realize that ultimately, a review is an opinion and needs no so called precursory criteria in order to be voiced. People reading the review can take or leave it from the opinions given. If it helps you - cool, but if it doesn't, leave it for what it is. Discussions over books or other media or products are always welcome, and should be encouraged, not segmented or undermined.
*hugs* Thanks Barbara. I'm surrounded by family and friends at present, so I'm doing all right for the time being, though it's still a process. I'm crossposting my post here to my blog as well. I still can't get over Nola Chance's biased article from a while back illustrating contrasting points against Rice's petition. She made it into a so called "author/reviewer" conflict and actually misquoted several authors (not just readers) who had actually spoken against the petition. It really misconstrued and misrepresented a lot of issues here.
Batgrl: Bookish Hooha 4 years ago
Every time I find an essay like this I feel so much better about the whole Anne-Rice-thing. Thank you for posting this.

Another way the Rice/BBA perspective on this seems so clueless - social media works in a way that people who don't know each other at all can express their thoughts, others read them, and then act accordingly. Or not act at all except perhaps in not buying a book. All without knowing each other or even reading each other regularly. The idea that everyone who one-stars a review or writes a negative review is all part of a coordinated gang that receives and follows orders blindly - that is NOT ever how social media has worked, and it's young enough so that it's not hard to learn how it does. But every single rant I've read about the reviewer bullies assumes that it's a group thing, no matter if you read the review in question and it's framed as a very personal essay about a book they didn't like.

I just don't understand how some writers don't understand that readers often take their reading material personally, and very often don't even think about the writer since they're thinking/focusing on the book (I always thought that was the default setting - the book, not the author). It really makes me wonder how many of these writers are actually readers. I used to think you had to be a reader first to even become a writer - but I'm beginning to think I'm wrong about that.
I'm just glad I'm not the only person who feels this way about everything Rice is saying and doing at present. And thank you for commenting. =) Agreed, there have been so many people I've read in their rants saying that giving negative reviews or feedback is a group/gang thing, but I'm mentally saying "Um, no...there are a lot of people who are just speaking for themselves and they have that right. Let them have the platform to say what they will."

Indeed, I used to think that many writers would know and recognize how much words matter and keep in consideration their reading experiences, but it seems so many forget not just the experience of reading, but the value of feedback and discussion in and of itself and being able to respect that for what it offers, even if they may not agree with it.
Exactly, and there are so many threads of GR where authors are complaining about any review under a 3 star, and also complaining about the CONTENT of reviews and that they should be more informative for the author. Some writers (I'm not even sure you can call them authors?) are using customers/reviewers as a free critique group. They don't seem interested in learning their craft. They don't understand reviews are for other readers NOT writer feedback. And the biggest issue I see, writers who cannot separate comments about their book from themselves.
Sock Poppet at Play 4 years ago
I like what Batgrl said:

"Every time I find an essay like this I feel so much better about the whole Anne-Rice-thing."

The people who disagree with Anne Rice and STGRB are intelligent, thoughtful and interesting.

The people who agree with Anne Rice and STGRB sound moronic. There's really no other way to describe it.

Anne Rice sounds and acts like a spoiled, petulant child.

Sock Poppet at Play 4 years ago
Hugs, Rose!
Many hugs in return!
Great article Rose. Unfortunately, Anne Rice will (of course) ignore and snub her nose at it. This article will be 'proof' of your evil ways, and the fact you had replies will be twisted as proof there is 'gang'. I prefer 'friends' over 'gang', and I am so happy to count you among my many cyber friends. :-)
Sock Poppet at Play 4 years ago
If anyone has a loyal 'gang' it is Anne Rice. She gets more idiotic sucking up than any author I've seen.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Laurell K Hamilton, there's an author that can compete with Annie. Not in sheer volume though she does have a lot of fanpoodles but for the sheer, wanton denseness of their thinking. They will accept ANYTHING she says and look no further because she is Teh Expert on Everything.
Thanks Karlynp! =) Yeah, if Rice thinks/reacts that way, I'm not worried, it would just prove my point on how she's able to so easily bury her head in the sand on the matter if she did that. *shrugs*

Spare Ammo: Oh my word, Laurell K. Hamilton, I have to agree with you on that, even with my limited readings for her bibliography (mostly Anita Blake). She has a very...dedicated fanbase to say the least, as does Anne Rice. Suffice to say I've cringed more than once seeing some author discussions on things I took issue with, but decided not to follow after some time.
Spare Ammo 4 years ago
Rose, I am sorry for your loss.
Thank you, that means a lot to me. *hugs*
Degrees of Affection 4 years ago
*slow, meaningful applause*
Thank you. A wonderfully articulated and thoughtful response to the craziness going on around us.

And I do hope you and your family are doing alright. You all have been in my thoughts. Take care.
BooksChatter 4 years ago
Well said!