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I think it's an interesting way of character development within plotting. I find it very rare, if I have ever come across any, in general unfortunately. One such character I could think of would maybe be Lucifer from Milton's Paradise Lost? I mean, he does start strong then falls but then builds himself back up again in a context. It might not be what you're looking for, but off the top of my head--he's the only one I can think of that would be inserted into that kind of position. ^^;
That helps :) Pretty much anything where I can examine how an author takes a character and does that kind of deconstruction would help.

This project I'm writing for NaNo is very much one where there's a protagonist who starts off strong and responsible for his identity/expectations and then circumstances come in which proceed to break him down, thus he has to figure out how to build back up or change as a result of the interfering factor. It's definitely a rare thing since so many literary trajectories go in progressive (versus regressive) formats, i.e. having a weak character build to a position of strength and then go on to triumph/meet his or her goals.
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Susan Elizabeth Phillips has written several books with just this sort of character arc for her heroines. They start of at the top of their game and then she breaks them down professionally and emotionally, makes them hit bottom only to have them build themselves back up brick by brick. The one book that comes immediately to mind is 'Breathing Room'. But she has a few others that follow that trajectory as well.
Thank you! I'll definitely check into "Breathing Room" and some of SEP's other books as well.
Cloud was actually one of the heroes that someone suggested to me as a character that was willing to step into the line of conflict but yet ended up being torn down after a time when he had to face some jarring reality checks and then progressively bounce back from that. And that's a good example, though I can barely think of any that mirror his particular case.

Vlad Taltos sounds really interesting, and I'll have to check that out, I haven't read that series yet.
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11/22/1963 by Stephen King.