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NerdyNatasha Musings 7 years ago
I know exactly how you feel. I looked at my Netgalley dashboard and started feeling my heart fluttering. I'm trying to get myself more organized with a checklist to hit every social site with as much dedication as the others. I realized the other day that I didn't even put up a reading challenge on one of the sites, not to mention how far behind I am on actually posting reviews. I may be catching up on all of the reading but I haven't caught up with the writing. Plus I have a new blog that I've been trying to get all set up and arranged to launch soon....but it just seems like something else always gets in the way of the blog.

I feel like I'm not as much as a novice on Netgalley as I used to be, but at the same time I lack the confidence that my work is up to par. I've read the marketing plans and promotions of many of the books on the sites and I haven't done half of the things that they are looking for. Do you feel that way sometimes? Like twitter blasting, or using the author's photograph on as many posts as possible. How do you get all that done? Or do you just try your best and hope that is good enough and hope to improve as time goes by?
I definitely feel your pain, probably in some similar and different ways. I try to take things a step at a time, even (and especially) when I'm feeling overwhelmed. This year's been a rough year for me personally, and I've actually fallen behind on book reviews for quite a few reasons. I'm steadily getting back up to building a habit/routine with addressing my ARC stack. Usually once you get into the flow of writing reviews and balancing it with your reading, it's like riding a bicycle - you don't forget how to do it, but you may find better ways to tune your process the more you ride along. I try to make things easier on myself for promotion - linking posts with my other social media networks included (blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, Goodreads, BookLikes, Leafmarks - the latter of which I'm having to really catch up with since I haven't been on there in ages). I tend to make my own type of promotional contributions, and usually publishers respect that from me.

There are times when you will find that you fall majorly behind, see your stacks of ARCs, reviews to be written and wonder "What was I thinking?!" (I do this a lot), but the key thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself. If you love something, you find your way back to it and you get into the flow of things again. I'd like to think that as much as I do this, I improve as I go along and find what works for me. Key thing is that you do what works for you personally, do the things that emphasize your love for it, and then people will find and follow you.
Dor Does Books 7 years ago
And to remember that it's a strictly voluntary endeavour. ;)