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Jennifer's Books 6 years ago
o.O Teenage girls grunt when they get flustered?
It's amazing the things we don't KNOW about ourselves! *pulls hair*
Jennifer's Books 6 years ago
I know, right? I was sitting here earlier thinking about all the times I can remember being flustered--teenage girl or not--and never, not once, did I ever grunt. That's just a bizarre way to phrase it.
AH! This is so BAD! *screams*
Debbie's Spurts 6 years ago
*groan* -- nope, I also never grunt when flustered. As a teenager, I might have squealed, grained, moaned, snorted, giggled or uttered other high pitched or breathless noises but never a grunt; as a grownup more likely to go quiet possibly with a deliberate calming breath (and the occasional chopped off snort).