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"The Canterville Ghost" should be available for free at Project Gutenberg ...?
6 years ago
Yes it is.
Wyvernfriend Reads 6 years ago
it so felt like I was going to solve the problem in a few seconds and then to have the victory snatched away and with such a terrible edition.
Do you like audiobooks? That book might be on Librivox for free. Plenty of other free classics on Amazon, Gutenberg & Librivox. Have you read Frankenstein? I just finished that one for the 3rd time! What kind of classic? Can it be more of a modern classic like The Woman in Black? I liked that one. (The audiobook of that one is on YouTube) Sorry if I'm being too nosy; just offering suggestions.
Wyvernfriend Reads 6 years ago
It was more the disappointment with the condition of the edition (which was criminal)
Is the Librivox reader English/Irish, I can't listen to Americans reading Anglo-Irish/English/Irish writers, it makes me too annoyed for enjoyment.
It was also that I had found a solution and it was defeat snatched from the jaws of victory!!