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Thanks for sharing! I wish I could finally plan my summer (things are a bit up in the air at the moment) ... I think if that projected trip across the Channel does happen after all this year, it just might have to include another detour to Oxford.
I've only been to Oxford once and didn't see the university. I'd love to go again just to sit at that table.
The Merton Stone Table? Yes! (Would you bring a ring?)
There is only One Ring. ;)
Well ... that one's been destroyed as we know, but don't the elves take their rings "over the water" at the end of LOTR?

But, yeah, I like how they actually read out the ring enchantment at the table. And in the proper language, too ...
I noticed how good their pronunciation was. Being fluent in Elvish or even Orcish would be so cool!
Yes! I'll barely be able to recite the thing in English when I get there ...
JL's Bibliomania 10 months ago
I'm on the wrong continent with no hopes of travelling abroad, but this looks amazing!
Portable Mistletoe 10 months ago
How I would love to see this!
Maybe -- hopefully -- it'll be shown eventually at a theatre near you as well! Or at least be released on DVD / blu-ray or streamed somewhere ...