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BrokenTune 8 years ago
Excellent post.
Chris' Fish Place 8 years ago
Thank you.
:( Sadness about all these books!
Linda Hilton 8 years ago
Excellent post, indeed.

I'll have to dig out my research books, but iirc it was either Beatrice Faust (1980) or Helen Hazen (1983), writing about women and romance novels, who quoted a woman as saying something like, "Of course I want to be raped, so long as I'm raped by ___________" and fill in the name of some sexy film star or what have you. The idea seemed to be that if the woman chooses who she's going to be raped by, she in fact *is* in control, and she gets to do this by choosing to read the books.

Whether that is the intended (manifest) effect that's countered by an unintended (latent) effect of desensitizing her to what rape is or rationalizing/justifying rape or blurring the perception between rape/consent (controlled by vs controlling), I'm not sure.
Chris' Fish Place 8 years ago
I know that I have read about rape fantasy in Brownmiller, Valenti, and a few others. I'm not entirely convinced that it is totally determined by what men want women to think, but I think there is something. I can understand the whole dominant thing but there is a line between willingly ceding control and having it taken from you. These books are the taking control one.