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I mock the relationship, not those who ship it. I had someone who wrote a shippy fanfic and someone said they'd want to spit in her face if they saw her. Gross. Mock the ship, be unhappy about it, but don't knock the shippers, please. (Or not shippers in this case. I'm happy to mock, and argue - or politely, but hotly - debate, but, yeah.) I'm not a Cap/Bucky fan, I just didn't see Sharon/Cap in the movies.

But may I address some points: it is Scarlet Witch:

They call her that in IMDB and in the novelizations that are out so far. The only reason it wasn't in the first movie was because of legal reasons. (Marvel/Disney had to get permission from Fox to use Wanda and Pietro and thus the reason they weren't mutants: Disney doesn't have the rights to mutants. This was from when Marvel was selling off movie rights everywhere previous to the Disney buyout.) I don't know if they bought/argued for the rights to the Scarlet Witch title, but that's just a legal issue that seems to be resolved.

If the argument is that the relationship developed off screen - whoever is making that - and that we should acknowledge that, well, no. We don't know what happens off scene, so it's noncanonical. We can only go by canon - and that's what's on screen for the most part. What we have doesn't convince a lot of people.

Also, I strongly disagree with this: "Marvel movies are just not geared towards comic readers." I really don't think so: I think the biggest built-in audience they had at the start were the comic readers. Are some details wonky? Yup. Gonna happen in any adaptation. But if you look at Cap, Iron Man, Vision, etc, they're incredibly true to the spirit of the characters. The storylines are slightly different, but they are clearly true to the spirit of the stories. Even Civil War, where I wasn't sure, and didn't particularly like the story... yup, they did it. They stayed true to a /lot/ about Marvel and if the movies weren't at least partially geared towards the comic readers, they wouldn't have bothered. (Guardians of the Galaxy? Same thing. The solo movies, yup, they nailed all the characters and general storylines.)

I could get on board with the fact that they aren't mean /solely/ to target the comic audiences. Of course not! Of course they wanted new readers. But they successfully targeted both those who were long time readers and those who weren't. The differences, the reasons why it isn't exact, is that they're trying to build something new more than anything, at least in my opinion.

That being said, I said some stuff that backs you up, took one nitpicky thing and explained why I felt that was not correct, and disagreed strongly with one of your statements. And look, all without putting you down or even talking down to you. (Hopefully. If I did I apologize.)

Look, I can point out I disagree with things without degenerating into constant insults and swears! It really helps that I know you'll be polite back. Once the rudeness and profanity starts, it can fucking snowball. Oh no! :P

Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
I'll give you some of the audience thing - I have friends who love the movies but will not touch the comics so I tend to see it both ways (and it is true of most movies. LOTR for instance) I still beg to differ on the Witch. Everyone knows she is the Witch, but no one in the movie uses that name. In other words, Steve and Tony always say Wanda, not Witch. So yes and no. And, yep is it is copyright thingy, but it is funny as all get out.
They all call each other by first name, a lot. Scarlet Witch has had less on screen fighting time than most which is when they normally use code names. (Also, in the junior novelization, they say Scarlet Witch when the news clip is playing. So they /may/ have used her name in the movie, but I can't remember that particular scene well enough.) But as she gets more on screen fighting time, she may be called Scarlet Witch further along? I will agree that she probably comes off more as Wanda so far in the MCU because if they use her name at all, it's so little. The others are more firmly entrenched as their code names. (As is Vision who has only one name. Just the one. Mmmm. Vision. Wait, wait point, no, lost it... mmmmm. Vision.)

Then they have a conflicting video here:

Where they use Wanda Maximoff - but also Steve Rogers instead of Cap.

But this comment: "Marvel movies are just not geared towards comic readers." I think I read it too literally. As is, it sounds as if Marvel didn't make the movies for the comic readers. I think what you meant was what I said: they aren't solely targeted towards the readers. Which I absolutely agree with. Of course the movies are highly targeted at the faithful comic book readers; why wouldn't they be? Marvel has, in fact, made a huge amount of money off the hardcore readers who are loving the movies. It would be a major mistake to alienate them now.

That doesn't mean that it needs to be so insular that only the comic fans will watch them. The beauty of the movies is that they aren't. Like you said, many fans won't read the comics. I will. I will read and watch. And I am always up for movie and/or comic talk!

Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
True, but Sharon deserves better (so does the actress, come to think of it).
So I don't know why, but I suddenly thought of crack pairings reading this. Vision/Sharon. I want some now.

My brain is going to nag me until I look, and then get depressed because it no exist.
It's never fun. It always ends up with sad face.

I loved them, too. I just like pairing Vision with... um, everyone. And it never exists out there. Dammit.
Chris' Fish Place 3 years ago
It was odd because it wasn't developed. I mean the Widow and Hulk was just odd because it seemed to come out of nowhere. And there are problems - like the whole lullaby thing. It could have been better written. But I just saw the first Avengers again, and there are some very small hints - like the whole scene where Widow tracks him down. And I might be in a minority, but I love the fact that Hawkeye and Widow are really good friends.

Look at the Vision and Witch - okay, yes some of us are going yes because of the comics, but they also spent time with that - they talked about things other than work. He cooks for her. The long stare in Ultron, they talk. So it works. And it also gives Hawkeye an in because Hawkeye is not done with imprisoning Wanda.