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BrokenTune 2 years ago
Yes. It was previously called The Reading Room. I'm on it but haven't spent much time on it.
Ditto (I'd even forgotten about the name change already). Has been bought by a publisher and seems geared more, or at least as much towards selling as towards building a community of readers.
Debbie's Spurts 2 years ago
*sigh* I really cannot bring myself to commit to book communities that are publisher owned, not even the huge membership and rich featured anobii.

(No issues with publisher sites doing things like letting you review, group reads, etc. right on their site like Penguin's "Bookish" -- but those are just not a book community where I trust readers can express themselves honestly and make connections to other readers, it's a publisher site likely geared more to book promotions by way of reviews and discussion activity).
Hooked on Books 2 years ago
I'm on it too just because I was on it when it was The Reading Room. I only visit about once a month though to see what free review copies & giveaways they have because I don't like their site layout -especially when it was The Reading Room because even though I was logged in any time I switch to different tab or page that stupid log-in/join box would keep popping up. It's irritating! They've made some layout changes but I still don't care for it.