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No, there are comments like this - and I'm thinking of far back - where it was talked about like 'either she goes or she's a bitch. Those are her only two choices.' Because she doesn't have a life or possibly work obligations or simply isn't in the mood to go.

I believe it was Taylor Swift and a sick kid. And she said something coy, or agreed to go, or something, but the truth is that even asking feels gross to me. Why? Because I think the young, white, male knows it's win-win for him. Assuming the she-object desperately wanted to go with a young, white male, it's a win for her - but otherwise not so much. Basically he has nothing to lose and he knows he can throw that famous person under the bus if things go poorly for him - like she says no, or goes and is totally standoffish to him. Either he gets to go with *insert famous name here* or he can paint her as a bitch for not going. And because the media goes 'awww' and does this for him anyway, he wins. Both ways, he wins. He wasn't going to /not/ win by asking. But he does at the cost of this famous woman, who people feel free to judge without knowing anything about her. Maybe she has her own crises at home like a sick relative, but since the focus is on the young, white, boy, no one even stops to think about what might be happening with her. She's young, rich, and famous, so her money apparently precludes her having opinions that aren't nice or problems that money can't fix. And thus the only reason not to go is being a bitch.

Even if he's not thinking through all this - and he probably isn't - he's using the fact that he can't lose and the fact that she can to leverage this into fame/swag/a date where he gets to objectify this woman along with his friends and possibly the teachers/staff. Because you know there would be leering and high fives and further objectification. Ugh.
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
I don't like this either. It makes me uncomfortable because it is forcing a woman to say yes or being thought of as a bitch.
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
See, I thought it was just me, but now I feel better. I don't really care about Swift or Stone either way. Don't hate them, but neither is must listen or see. It just really cheesed me off.
The Quilty Reader 1 year ago
Yeah, I have a ton of issues with this, starting with the fact that Emma Stone is a 28 year old adult woman, and there are only 365 days in a year, whereas there are millions of young men who would like to commandeer her attention. How is she supposed to decide which young men should be graced with her presence? And wouldn't it be really weird, anyway, for a woman in her late twenties to have anything in common with a guy a decade her junior? She's 11 years older than he is.

In any event, I think that the whole idea of the "promposal" is a ridiculous cry for attention.
Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
I agree. Grim is spot on pointing out how objectionable " 'either she goes or she's a bitch. Those are her only two choices.' " and Moonlight is right to point out that for a 28 year old woman to go to someone's prom is icky.

Emma Stone (or anyone else, famous or not, rich or not) owes no one a date or even to listen to anyone asking for a date.

Damned-if-you-do/damned-if-you-don't and how-dare-you-have-a-choice-about-interacting-with-someone are definitely elements of rape culture. Sure, of course it's not just an issue of white males being entitled and denying freedom of choice -- however, statistically it is predominantly males outraged when females dare not give them the attention they feel entitled to.

I've not heard even a rumor of her saying something bitchy or even rude about it; I think the less notice she gives him the better.
Olga Godim 1 year ago
She doesn't owe him anything. He is being an arrogant SOB who wanted to ride the wave of fame generated by the actress. Her PR team should teach him a lesson.