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Debbie's Spurts 1 year ago
Jackson no longer has rights to Naomi Novik's Temeraire -- I'd love to see that made. Granted, not completely on topic with the issues throughout the whole alternate history fantasy but pieces of it did deal with abolitionists, slavery, slave trade, free will and rights ...
I heard they stopped the project because the racial groups were saying how they didn't want the guys who made GOT to make a film that involved racial slavery etc. Don't know if the rumor is true but its crazy how it seems like nothing can be made anymore if its going to offend at least one person or another for whatever unknown reason they want before they've even had a chance to do anything with it. I think that if someone can make a project and do it right and do it respectfully with the right people I think they should do it unfortunately it doesn't seem to be possible anymore.
I have no idea why it seems like everyone has to be white or male to dominate films but it seems like a lot of the tv shows and movies these days are very lacking in creativity and honesty and lacking when it comes to cultural and gender difference. Some who are too afraid to approach it, some who demand it and the fine line the creators have to walk in order not to offend any one. I miss when films were films instead of political statements but I also wish that they had managed to do justice to everyone without it affecting the industry as much as it seems to be doing right now.
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
I think you can, at least create and be diverse without a political statement. Look at say the casting for the Harry Potter play, granted a play and not a film, but still. I also don't know anyone who blinked when Moria was played by an African American in Hulu's Handmaid's Tale, though I have read some good criticism about the narrative and race in terms of that series. And I think it is because white males are in position of power in the film industry and want to make what is for them. There is nothing wrong with that per se, but let others in too.

I do think the respectful project can get made. Look at, Underground, for instance, which in one of its plot humanized a slave catcher. But it was done well and real, and worked.
HBO has picked up a pilot by Nnedi Okorafor. Her Who Fears Death will be getting a pilot. Yes, that doesn't mean a greenlit series, but given that George R.R. Martin himself is behind this project - and I mean that he's aboard, even if not in a show runner sense - makes me think they might actually order this series.

And no, this doesn't take away from any of your points. In fact, the fact that HBO choose to greenlight said series, but not greenlight WFD yet only makes me think this choice was even more tone death. (Not to mention, alternate history feels more sci-fi to me, and if they really wanted a fantasy series, WFD is a better option.)
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
Yup and they keep highlight Martin's name and not Okorafor. Which does make sense, I suppose, but must be annoying.
She didn't seem to mind, to be honest. She's got herself put together, though. A successful teacher, a successful author, and she keeps herself busy. (And she's outspoken about things she considers true injustices, so... Martin also claimed in one post that she was involved in finding screenwriters for the pilot, and the sense I got was this would be more important to her than having her name everywhere. Given this is an impression I got after a couple days of seeing her on and off at panels and talks, so I could be incredibly wrong. This is just my /guess/ so I'm in no way speaking for her, nor would I need to. I can say this with confidence: should she decide she's displeased with HBO's handling of the show, she'll be able to speak up on her own, and will quite willingly do say. Maybe even gleefully.)
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
She is awesome on twitter. And Martin makes it a point to bring up her name too.
She is super awesome in real life. I imagine her twitter is amazing.
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
BTW- one of Hopkinson's book is being adapted, not by HBO, but it is. I know because the company followed me on twitter because I follow Hopkinson.
Whenever you get a chance, more information, please? Nalo Hopkinson was another guest of honor at Readercon, and I fell in love with her work. I'll turn up for an adaptation of anything she's written.
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
It's based on Brown Girl in the Ring. Called Brown Girl Begins. Indie film. But looks promising.
Obsidian Blue 1 year ago
Chris' Fish Place 1 year ago
Shit. I can't believe I forgot L.A. Banks. She lived in my section of Philly too. Damn it.