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OMG. :(

Siegfried forever to me as well. And Sir John Middleton in "Sense and Sensibility." And the indefatigable reader of the complete "Aubrey & Maturin" audio series ...
Chris' Fish Place 12 months ago
He was a great Henry V
A(nother) role right up his alley, true!
BrokenTune 12 months ago
He also did a very fine reading of Vile Bodies. But yeah, he will always be Siegfried.
BrokenTune 12 months ago
And, of course, Charles Augustus Milverton. :)
The man with the frozen smile. Indeed!
Ah, I knew I knew that face. The first time I saw him, I think, was as Sir Toby Belch in a BBC production of Twelfth Night.
Person Of Interest 12 months ago
Siegfried, yes. I've seen him in other BBC productions too. Sorry to hear he's no longer with us. :(
Oh I remember that BBC production of Twelfth Night. I think it was made around the time I was studying it.

But yes, he'll always be Siegfried to me.