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Linda Hilton 7 months ago
It's a difficult decision. American Football doesn't exactly have clean hands either. (They're just . . . larger hands.)
Yeah, how they handle domestic abuse and their past hiding of concussions isn't praise worthy.
Linda Hilton 7 months ago
Exactly. And you can't tell me there isn't a certain amount of racism in that, too. Grrrrrrr.........
Chris' Fish Place 7 months ago
Right. That's like wth am I suppose to do.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Wait... what?
Murder by Death 7 months ago
Ah, thank you for that. I think.

I can't believe that orange jackwit just made me respect the NFL. Wonders, whether good or ill, never cease.
Murder by Death 7 months ago
I should qualify that comment "respect the NFL *for this*" - they still have to stop signing criminals, and all the other crap they pull in the name of $$$
Yeah, that was the only political story I saw while I was at my retreat - I'm watching the Clemson game, and down in the scroll is the header "Trump," and my immediate thought is "What has he done NOW?"

ETA: Just now I am watching the local news, and their first story was "Carolina Ale House boycotting NFL games." Sorry to say, this doesn't surprise me.