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markk 12 months ago
Was it just me, or was there a sameness to it all?
Chris' Fish Place 12 months ago
Well, it did look like Hoth without the snow for a bit.
Obsidian Black Plague 12 months ago
I don't know. I was not overwhelmed.
Chris' Fish Place 12 months ago
I want those fox looking things but you are not alone. Porgs are Ewoks, desert planet is Hoth.
markk 12 months ago
I saw one at one of my local GameStops. They merchandise fast.
Chris' Fish Place 11 months ago
A fox or a porg? Porgs are over the place. I like Ewoks, my Ewok hangs with CHewie and the Wombles, but this is not Pokemon.
markk 11 months ago
It was a porg. Damn thing might as well have had "Christmas present" written all over it.