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Familiar Diversions 8 months ago
I forget, didn't he fire all the ambassadors with actual experience and knowledge?
Chris' Fish Place 8 months ago
Yes, but in fairness (which is hard) most in coming presidents do that.
markk 8 months ago
It's difficult for me to feel sympathy for his ambassadors, considering how they all volunteered to serve him and how so many of them were selected because they reflected his world-view. Take Peter Hoekstra, for example:
Chris' Fish Place 8 months ago
I'm thinking that the ones in the "shithole" countries are the ones who are career state workers and are, in fact, only there as temps because he needs to fill the post. But yeah, the ones to the big countires - I don't feel sorry for them at all.
"So it goes." 8 months ago
This WaPo article made me nuts yesterday.
Great rant.
Debbie's Spurts 8 months ago
I've felt like I'm in the Twilight Zone ever since Trump became President.