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The Avengers trailer makes me want to cry - but not for this reason.

Also, yes, I realize Marvel movies are problematic, but I will still watch Infinity War in the theater.
Chris' Fish Place 9 months ago
I think I know why the trailer makes you want to cry. He will be okay. He will.
I'm nervous because I looked at the next Avengers movie on IMDB. I'm gonna enjoy the sexytimes while I can, and hope for more in the future!
Chris' Fish Place 9 months ago
Well, Avengers 4 is the last Chris Evans one.
I think I was aware of that, but give how ambivalent I am about even non comics versions of Cap at this point, I am absolutely okay with that.

I'm really hoping they keep going with V, though.
Chris' Fish Place 9 months ago
They might be. It's strange that Olson isn't listed either and Hawkeye is. I just hated the plotline in the comics, so I just really don't care.
Yeah I'm not reading it, because I find I don't like some of the older comics.

Anyway, yeah, that's odd. Maybe they're doing away with SW. Or maybe they're giving me the gift I wanted: a Vision/SW movie?
markk 9 months ago